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Love Across Enemy Lines


M.F. Aitken


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Cover of Love Across Enemy Lines by M.F. Aitken
I lived a shallow and meaningless life...
Until we were ambushed.
it got bloody hilarious!

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Love Across Enemy Lines is only available through Amazon USA, UK. Don't have a few shillings or an Amazon account and want to read it anyway? Write to me via the contact info on our main site elenameg.com or rip it off one of the many pirated torrents swirling around in the mysterious ether of the Net.

Here's the description up on Amazon

I lived a shallow and meaningless life; until I met a brutally honest Russian online. She changed everything about the way I saw the world and my place in it. By effecting an elaborate escape to meet me in Kyiv, Elena loosed a bloody vendetta against us. Our only hope was crossing the planet underground, entirely on our own and unsupported. By refusing to put our fate in the hands of others, we managed to survive, stay together, and more than anything else, we learned to love and trust ourselves.

During this unthinkable, year-long run for our lives, I not only rescued the deer-in-the-headlights Russian who crashed into my life, but found and rescued myself.

This is a story about standing up for what you know is right for you. It is about accepting, trusting and loving yourself. It is a story of strength, of courage, of adventure, of taking responsibility and finding freedom.

In a Nutshell (AKA the logline):

Elena Vaytsel and Meg Aitken fled Russian baddies to stay together and live as they want, entirely under their own power, underground, running for their lives and without the right to land between the eastern Mediterranean and British Columbia's Pacific coast.

And now... this kindle (electronic edition) is packed with zillions of (ok, 416 to be precise) photos from the nuts-o-rama, cracking, often hilarious, sometimes embarrassing, always stupidly reckless and absolutely worth it adventure to save our lives, our love, and live as we want.

Would I do it again? ... In a heartbeat!

Previously published as: Love Across Enemy Lines by Meg Stone

DANGER: This book is cracking hilarious! You could puncture a lung laughing yourself into hysterics. You should not read this book while operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. The writer is in no way liable for any nasally ejected beverage damage to clothing or upholstery.

WARNING: Within this true life recollection, there lurks a wee smattering of bad words. Not many, but if a couple of f-bombs (not only in English but also Russian and French, just for added offence) leave you morally wounded and running for your poisoned pen, best you not indulge in this story. Of course, there's rather a lot of soft swears, (potty mouthedness) or it wouldn't be a faithful reproduction of the zaniness that ensued.

CAUTION: This book is about two women (ie: individuals of a similar gender) who pull a Thelma & Louise run for their lives and freedom. Yes, it is included in the queer section because although these two women are not shagging each other's brains out, they do want to be together to live as they want, and most egregiously, without the opposing gender involved. Therein lie two treacherous possibilities for offence you should take note of.

  1. There is NO SEX or depictions, descriptions or even sly innuendo of steamy romance in this narrative. And just because it is slotted into the LGBT niche, doesn't mean it has to. If you are looking for some chick-on-chick action, you'll be highly disappointed and reaching for your poisoned pen; probably, seeing as your hands will be free.
  2. These are two women running from societal expectation, programming, doctrine and dogma. Not just the religious variety, but familial, social, and even cultural. What you hold dear, the main participants in this run for their lives, may not. For instance, neither of them believe in god, wee fairy folk, or invisible sky friends. Family values are a weapon, and family ties are permission to hurt. Sailing plays a part in this story, insomuch as car driving is a part of Thelma & Louise.

This is not a sailing story!

This is not a romantic bodice ripper.

This is not a misery memoir.

This is a cracking wild, true-life adventure tale, framing a true-love story. As for true love, what we learned above all else, is that it all comes from learning to love yourself.

If that offends you in any way, you better not read this book.

Cheers, me mates!
M.F. Aitken -- AKA Meg
7 August 2022
Adrift in the Caribbean waters off Panama... and, aye; still on the same damned boat.

Escape Route

Elena and Meg's Escape Route
From East (that's on the right-hand side of the map) to West, the path Meg and Elena took on the cracking, wild, run for their lives and freedom.