1 - By Hammer and By Hand

Meg Aitken frames an interior wall using the BFG
[Image 1-1] Meg and her beloved BFG (Big Framing Gun) prepare another wall frame for positioning. Hot tea and 17 layers of clothing are key to survival in the yet to be insulated sections of her brand-new, antique dream-home.
Meg Aitken's bungalow lifted and moved into position
[Image 1-2] Meg's century-old bungalow, floats castle-in-the-sky like after being lifted off its failed foundation.
Couple kissing in Maidan Square Kyiv Ukraine during the Orange Revolution elenameg.com photo
[Image 1-3] Maidan (Independence) Square, Kyiv. The Orange Revolution and the birth of a nation drew Meg back to Ukraine with a vengeance.
Hemispheric map showing the location of Ivanovo, Russia, hometown of Elena Vaytsel elenameg.com photo
[Image 1-4] Ivanovo, Russia, Elena's home town, is under the red arrow. Moscow, for comparison, is the blue dot.
Meg Aitken practices Russian while renovating in Star Trek pajamas elenameg.com photo
[Image 1-5] Meg studies Russian while she works. Constantly on watch for Elena-shocking photo-ops, Meg models the latest in renovation wear: work gloves, headphones, and Carhartt coveralls over Star Trek pajamas.