12 - Going Nowhere

Kyiv's Independence Square photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-1] One of Meg's photos of Kyiv's Independence Square, taken from Globus's eastern terrace.
Outdoor shopping in Kyiv photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-2] Outdoor shopping in Kyiv
Kyiv Prokuratura with GESTAPO sign photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-3] A brave soul took it upon her/himself to provide the Prokuratura an appropriate moniker: GESTAPO
Khreschaitik avenue Kyiv photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-4] Scenes from a Sunday afternoon on Khreschaitik
Lenin and other sociopaths photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-5] Paintings of Lenin and other sociopaths are now enticing buys for the discerning collector of totalitarian talismans.
Black market kiosks in Kyiv photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-6] Acres of unheated but covered, black-market kiosks provide Kyivians with otherwise unattainable goods: cosmetics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, electronics, entertainment, shoes, clothing, software, car parts, even financial services.
Black Market shopping in Kyiv photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-7] More black market shopping ops for the big shishkas (in the Mercedes) and regular sods (marsh-root-kah mini-bus), alike.
Ukrainian militsia in Kyiv photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-8] The boys in blue polyester. Gatherings like this, Elena and Meg thought best to avoid.
The Ukrainian Prokuratura building photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-9] The Prokuratura from Elena and Meg's flat. The watched watching the watchers.
Khreschaitik Boulevard Kyiv photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-10] Khreschaitik Boulevard closed to traffic on Sundays, becomes an interesting, politicized and rather inebriated stroll by late afternoon.
Kofe Hauz in Globus Mall Kyiv photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-11] Kofe Hauz in Globus Mall's above ground atrium.
Typical losers at the Globus mall photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-12] Globus Mall's atrium gawkers. Usually men, stupefied by boredom.
Percherskaya Lavra photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-13] Kyiv's Percherskaya Larva a close by retreat for Elena and Meg.
corner of Kutuzova and Lesi Ukrainki photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-14] The corner of Kutuzova and Lesi Ukrainki. Where Meg got hit by a car.
Meg Aitken is a vehicle passageway is post Soviet Ukraine photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-15] Meg loiters in a typical vehicle passageway through a building.
Soviet residential construction photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-16] This landing between floors in Elena and Meg's pod-yest stairwell is typical of this ubiquitous architectural feature of Soviet residential construction.
Kyiv Prokuratura at night photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-17] The Prokuratura is lit by sodium vapor in this shot from Meg and Elena's flat.
Ridiculous doors in post Soviet Ukraine photo elenameg.com
[Image 12-18] Tufted vinyl over armor (steel plating), adorns the outer doors of many a post-Soviet abode.