23 - Trial by Sea

Big suitcase in a small hatch photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-1] Interesting storage and egress challenges.
Elena Vaytsel in her lair photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-2] Elena claims her own space. Everything she had left fit in that suitcase (foreground).
decorative poisonous oranges photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-3] A decorative orange tree in Netsel Marina, Marmaris, Turkiye. A dangerous plant to have around Meg.
Marmaris, Turkiye. Gulets, old town, and castle photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-4] Marmaris from the water.
Heeling sailboat photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-5] Heeling (leaning) is something sailboats do when going upwind.
Entrance to Netsel marina, seen from Marmaris bay photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-6] Entrance to Netsel marina, seen from Marmaris bay.

We managed to find him -- a late to middle-aged eccentric living on a big, worn out, Turkish gulet. Erdem couldn't believe it. A professional surveyor that neither he nor his brokerage had ever heard of; and right there in the marina. Me? I just chalked it up to serendipity; and, as you know, you just can't be too picky when it comes to serendipity.

Meg Aitken meets Harvey photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-7] Meg is enchanted by Harvey aboard his dilapidated ship.
Yacht ready for lifting from the water photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-8] The yacht under a travel-lift: a large mobile crane for taking boats in and out of the water.
travel-lift (mobile crane) Netsel Marmaris Marina photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-9] The sailboat hangs in the travel-lift (mobile crane) above the tarmac, ready for inspection.
Elena Vaytsel photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-10] Elena sits on someone's front step to think things out.
New Marmaris seen from the castle photo elenameg.com
[Image 23-11] The new part of Marmaris and the bay, as seen from the castle wall.