The Motherland is undoubtedly Kiev's most prominent modern landmark Entrance to the offices of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine
and focal point of countless protests, desperate pleas, and shady deals Pro Russian, anti EU supporters. Generally, not the kindest, happy-go-lucky, warm-and-fuzzy sort of mob Orange! The colour of revolution. A rally in Maidan (Independence) Square, Kyiv Elena is restrained by her parents outside the Kyiv train station's McDonald's during the assault and kidnapping attempt Gulets (a type of boat) and rugs for sale! One stop shopping in old Marmaris, Turkey In the water, ready to go (on short charters, mind you) this is the boat, dubbed Boadicea by Elena, that became their escape vessel Elena claims her own space. Everything she had left with, fit in that suitcase (foreground) Meg's suitcase presented an interesting storage and egress challenge Some of the charter fleet, ready for adventure and fine dining in the eastern Med The sailboat hangs in the travel-lift (mobile crane) above the tarmac, ready for inspection Sailing lessons progress while yacht preparations grind to a crawl. Elena Harvey's epic, radar-arch fail puts Meg (burgundy top, weird hat, right) and their boat, centre-ring in the marina circus, yet again Elena at the chart table Waves break on deck during Elena and Meg's first day of sailing out of Marmaris Sailing hurts! Meg and Elena's shins and knees, a few days into their journey Meg and Elena took this selfie somewhere south of Crete Heeled, hard-over while beating into the wind near the east end of the Strait of Sicily Elena (reflection) photographs dolphins from the bow Balanced on the boom, Meg re-rigs the mainsail while beating into the west wind in the Strait of Gibraltar That stupid, poxy, horrible, terra-cotta wind vane in a Las Palmas machine shop for repairs or a bleeding miracle Elena creates an Planning a runner at night and during a storm, Elena does a little rebranding for good measure We crossed oceans of time to find each other ... We are crossing oceans of water, going home. Painting by Elena Ivanova on the breakwater at Las Palmas, Canary Islands Too much wind blew out the spinnaker, mid Atlantic Wind waves on top of swells grew alarmingly preceding a hurricane Following the hurricane force winds, the sea took on this ragged, foaming look that lasted for days Boadicea (and Elena) seen from the top of the mast Elena Ivanova, helmshuman, takes on a Caribbean gale What do you mean by, messy? Elena takes on a notorious outflow wind called, the Tehuantepecker Boadicea buries the bow in rough seas in the gulf of Tehauantepec off Mexico Meg takes on the Tehuantepecker This is what heeling looks like below deck. The camera is level, check out the tethers hanging from the companionway Boadicea adrift in the Pacific doldrums Elena in the steering locker making necessary repairs A do-not-cross line of skulls and crossbones, 250 miles off the USA Navigation station and instruments aboard Boadicea. Elena wears winter clothing to stay warm in a sailboat without heat Graybeards form when the wind is strong enough to rip the tops of the waves off and lay them out as streamers Nasty sea conditions in the North Pacific in winter time. Five meter waves with chop photographed from Boadicea during a strong gale Meg adjusts sail trim from the cockpit Elena, hanging on in the cockpit, utterly exhausted Elena sits in the companionway, taking a breather from the war on deck. North Pacific ocean, north of forty, the dead of winter Elena and Meg keeping warm by the engine in the North Pacific ocean Elena, at the mast, catches her breath. North Pacific ocean Elena makes first sight of land, in this case, Canada! Forest on the West Coast of Vancouver island. She took this picture, of course